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February Sustainably Stylish: Krista

February's Sustainably Stylish boss babe is the lovely Krista. She is someone who first supported my own passion and career interests in sustainable style when she offered to feature my former clothing line, Wonderland Vintage, in her store. Since then we have worked together in a number of capacities, many of which have involved television and styling segments. I love her clothing store,, you can find endless sources of mens and womens fashions and often very high-end brands! Krista herself is an inspiring career go-getter and I'm so pleased to feature her this month. Take a read about the face behind Calgary's own SalvEdge Fashion!

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself? I've been in business for myself for over 8 years - the longest I've done any one thing! But it's proven to be challenging to say the least and for the most part I love it! Before that I did a number of things including working as an Au Pair in Europe, which taught me the realities of living in another country, a summer painting business, which was a total disaster, and taught me that I wasn't yet ready to work for myself, and then hospitality, customer service, and administrative positions, all of which never lined up with my diploma in journalism.

I've been in Calgary for 19 years (from Saskatchewan) and spend time between here and our condo in the mountains with my husband and our dog. I'm feel like I'm ready for a new challenge and really hoping 2017 is an exciting and positive year! 2. How do you define style for yourself? Whatever I'm in the "mood" to wear and sometimes whatever has inspired me the day before - someone else's outfit, a friend's excitement over a style inspiration website, or what I bought that day I need to wear! 3. What’s your must have style accessory? Always a necklace and often denim or leather. 4. If there was one piece of style advice you would give to others what would be it be? Two things. 1) Don't worry or pay attention to trends unless you really love something that you're seeing. Wear what expresses your personality and uniqueness. 2) You'd probably be surprised with what's actually in your closet, so if you need a little inspiration, pick one piece and use Google images to get some inspiration for that item - ie: how to wear a denim shirt, what to wear with a leather skirt, etc. 5. What sparked your interest in sustainable style? Lower impact on the environment, less pretentious, and when it comes to consignment a multitude of unique styles and fabulous brands all in one place, not to mention easier on the wallet. If you're buying vintage or consignment you generally spend 50-90% less, and if you're buying a quality piece ethically made it's undoubtedly better quality and will last way longer, so both options have value and make for wise investments. 6. What’s your favourite vintage, sustainable, or eco fashion stores? My own consignment boutiques! When I make time to shop elsewhere it's usually in another city when I'm travelling and almost always consignment. I've been to some great consignment boutiques in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver and Toronto. Most recently Fashionably Yours in Toronto in December. Calgary of course has amazing shopping too and I encourage people to check consignment as part of their shopping routine. It's always been the best way to add quality items to my wardrobe. For local retail that is very conscious about sustainable style, check out Studio Intent. 7. Currently wearing?

My favourite over the knee boots, a wool & leather coat, & layers - sweaters over blouses, leggings, vests.

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