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My Top 5 Moments from 2016!

2016 has come and gone and I always find it helpful to look back and celebrate some of my greatest career and creative moments.

So here are my favourite top 5 career and creative moments of 2016!

1. Reading these words of wisdom from girls at the 2016 United Nations Summit for Girl Up!

2. Wearing and helping to promote beautiful consignment clothing for some of Calgary's very best eco stylish and sustainable stores, this one is for Curated Consignment!

3. I never get tired of thinking about new ways to embrace my inner yogi and fitness goals!

4. Making it to the ivy league - Columbia University in New York with my marketing babe in crime as part of the work we do with Dooley Social Change!

5. Adventuring to Alberta's badlands as part of a local photography project for artist Amy Thiessen! Check out her website to see some of the work.

Thanks 2016! Looking forward to seeing what 2017 holds in store!

~ Happy new year ~ xoxo

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