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December Sustainably Stylish: Sara

This December, I am thrilled to introduce Sara for our December Sustainably Stylish feature. Sara is the designer and sole proprietor of IMA Wear. We first met when I undertook some photography work to help promote her clothing brand.

IMA Wear is Canadian designed and ethically produced. IMA offers multi-modal urban fashion, movement wear and accessories for the style conscious spirited women.

What I love most about this brand is their mantra: IMA

I am a warriorI

am a student

I am a master

I am an athlete

I AM perpetual movementI

AM realizing my dreams

I AM mastering my craft

IMA is a mantra

A way of saying

I can do anything

I am that.

Follow IMA Wear on facebook and learn more about this brand and the person behind it in this months sustainable style feature! 1. Tell me a little bit about yourself?

I am the sole proprietor and creative director for IMA WEAR. I live part of my time between Calgary, Canada and Bali Indonesia. In Bali, we rent a villa and I spend my time sourcing and working with local artisans who hand dye my products. While in Calgary, I am constantly looking to contribute to the arts, culture, and restaurant life.

2. How do you define style for yourself?

It's a creative expression of how I feel, a state of mind. Style is timeless. I wear what feels and looks good to me. If you feel good you look good. I often don't follow trends or flip through fashion magazines, instead, I take good care of the classic pieces that I own!

3. What’s your must have style accessory?

Scarf! It makes an outfit!

4. If there was one piece of style advice you would give to others what would be it be?

Have fun with it! Don't take yourself too seriously! Have a sense of humour with your fashion!

5. What sparked your interest in sustainable style?

I fell into it. I was working in Bali as an Importer of products and we also went to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and India to gather fabrics and scarves for another project I was a part of. I had friends from the music festival scene who were going to Bali and getting product made ... so I went there and it went really well! I soon started IMA and started designing everything at that point. I was at the right place at the right time and I've worked with the same people now for over 7 years! We don't use any sweat shops, there is an honest and uplifting work environment.

6. What’s your favorite vintage, sustainable, or eco fashion stores? Why?

IMA wear, of course!

SalvEdge - I go there a lot. I ended up going because Krista, the founder took my excess IMA product. I ended up getting a good amount of dollars for my clothing and decided to shop there and convert to consignment clothing. I haven't looked back! 7. Currently wearing? A geometric woven mini dress that is black and beige from Salvage, my Echo boots because I love to walk a million miles in them ... oh and gold retro trimmed glasses!

IMA Wear will be showcasing its clothing at Kismet in Calgary next Saturday 17th of December for a ladies shopping event where there will be wine, treats, and special discounts!

And... If you are looking for more of this line after the holiday season, IMA Wear is available in the following Alberta and British Columbia stores:

Kismet (Calgary)

Treasure Boutique

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