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October Sustainably Stylish: Mandy

For October and my Sustainably stylish feature, I am pleased to introduce Mandy. Mandy and I first met during her time working at Better on You (now rebranded as Salvedge Fashion) where she helped manage the store. I've since watched Mandy grow into her own entrepreneur and she has taken consignment clothing to a new level - turning it into "upscale" and putting together one of the trendiest clothing stores in Calgary - Curated Consignment. Read about this Boss Babe below and how she is bringing high fashion to our very own consignment fashion culture here in Calgary.

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself?

I own and operate Curated Consignment. The store specializes in high quality, well made and unique women's consignment clothing. My background is in the arts (former ACAD graduate), floristry and fashion (former Olds College fashion design student). Calgary has been my home base for over 25 years.

2. How do you define style for yourself?

I love all fashion. I can be seen wearing everything from a baseball cap, to a men's fitted blazer, vintage high waisted jeans or bell bottoms. Think New York Fashion week street style.

3. What’s your must have style accessory?

I am a sucker for a good felt hat, and I love any jewellry with raw crystals.

4. If there was one piece of style advice you would give to others what would be it be?

Think outside the box. If it's something you wouldn't normally try on, do it anyway. Style is about taking risks and being confident with it!

5. What sparked your interest in sustainable style?

I've been shopping consignment since my college days. Having never felt comfortable at the mall and being on a budget, thrifting and consignment were a natural choice for me. It's been amazing to watch Calgary blossom into a city of sustainable style. I think years of excess and "living beyond our means" has created an "old is new" attitude and on top of that it's just plain cool.

6. What’s your favorite vintage, sustainable, or eco fashion stores? Why?

For those who know me, I was the manager of Better on You for 3 years, currently called Salvedge. I highly recommend either of the Salvedge stores. The owner Krista was my mentor and inspired me to open my own store. Danielles is also always a good bet for amazing service and trendy finds. Zoe's thrift store, located near Curated on 14th street is an amalgomation of antique furniture, thrift clothing, books and any other random gem one might find.

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