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August Sustainably Stylish: Hayley

This month's sustainably stylish feature is Hayley. I first met Hayley through the modeling and promotional work I did with the Clothing Bar, a local consignment store here in Calgary. Hayley was integral to any styling work we did with the Clothing Bar and also helped to facilitate an incredible fashion show run for the Clothing Bar - one dedicated to raising awareness of the significant issue of young girls and women's mental health.

What's more? Hayley just started volunteering with an organization called "Support Works" as a community engagement specialist. Support Works offers free peer support groups to people in Calgary and surrounding areas who are living with depression, anxiety, bipolar, ocd and post-traumatic stress disorders, all in an open and inclusive environment. She is also an intern at Date Night - a platform that features restaurants, events, entertainment and fun things to do in Calgary making it easy to plan a great date.

Above all, every time I've spent time with Hayley she not only exudes style and confidence but she is always bright and cheerful with a great sense of humour! Learn about her stylish and sustainable approach to fashion below.

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself?

My name is Hayley, I work for WestJet and am a graduate from Mount Royals Event Management. I am a huge believer in community support and helping out with many events in the city! I am a downtown girl who is obsessed with champagne, food and fantastic company!

2. How do you define style for yourself?

I am a big neutrals fan. Blacks, beiges, white and greys. Finding me in any other colour is a rare sighting! But, I did buy a blue shirt the other day (BIG accomplishment). I think that neutral staples are essential for a wardrobe. Pair those with a little jewellery and lipstick and you're good to go!

3. What’s our must have style accessory?

A good bag and or clutch. They can more than likely complete and outfit.

4. If there was one piece of style advice you would give to others what would be it be?

You can never go wrong with neutrals, spiced up with a little lipstick ;) LESS IS MORE!

5. What sparked your interest in sustainable style?

I've always loved consignment shopping. It's so exciting to pop into a shop and find the EXACT shirt you were thinking of dropping mad money on for half the price. Such a great feeling!

6. What’s your favourite vintage, sustainable, or eco fashion stores? Why?

The Clothing Bar! One of my best friends, Katie Evans, opened up a store dedicated to consignment and local jewellery designers and artists. She always has new stuff and great sales. I can't go there without trying multiple things on and snooping through her new inventory.

7. Currently wearing?

Right now I'm wearing a pretty "basic bitch" outfit… An over the head sweater that says "Babes who Brunch" (Bamboo Ballroom) and LuLu Lemon running pants (The Clothing Bar) and pearls ( a neutral essential, of course).

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