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Shop Local: The Localest + Be Local Lips!

What's great?

Finding beautiful, well made products that are supporting our local economy.

I was so lucky to come across two of these products this week. They are being sold at Sustainable Style YYC on April 12, and I am really excited to share information about them!

The first is a t-shirt designed by Alberta Apparel, it's texture is incredibly soft and when I first tried it on I was surprised at how well it is made. "The Localest" T-shirt was designed by a local artist (Kilmometre Design) in Calgary and the front includes a wet, icy, leafy chunk of Calgary's spring thaw but is also shaped as the earth to showcase sustainable living! All t-shirts were cut and sewn here in Calgary.

The second is Be Local Lip Balm - from Lowen's Skincare with 80% ingredients from Calgary - including organic beeswax, honey and emulsifiers. $1 from each sale goes to bumlebee rescue programs in Calgary so that is something I can support!

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