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Daily Dose of Ethical Fashion

A feature for Diamonds & Daisy Chaines | London, U.K.

What I'm Wearing

The floral print dress is from a vintage store in Newtown, Sydney, Australia: Frolic clothing. It's made and designed in the 1960s. What drew me to it were the bright bold colours it showcases. I find the dress symbolizes a fresh, radical, and exciting way of thinking --- something that is often lost in our current fast fashion world.

Clothing and fashion to me are a journey into our own self discovery. When I first began to purchase and think more about making informed clothing choices (by supporting brands made by local producers or considering eco friendly vintage options), I was overwhelming excited about the new style options I could explore. I've lived in three countries now - Canada, Scotland, and currently Australia - and each country provides with it different options and fabulous little nooks and crannies to explore with regards to local fashion and eco friendly retail stores.

I am currently residing in the area of Melbourne Australia called Fitzroy. It's typically described as all of: arty, creative, boho, grungey, bookish, and politically aware.The streets are covered with excellent dining options, you have some of the best and most talented Australian musicians playing live music any night of the week in the local pubs and... you could spend days on end wandering through the many vintage fashion stores available alongside Brunswick and Smith Street. It's been such a pleasure to live in a vibrant area where its inhabitants not only support social causes, but they are in their own right their own unique trendsetters. It's not unusual here to see men and women alike wearing clothing to express themselves in fabulous ways, whether it be big bold vintage fur coats, retro style round sunglasses, giant polka dot dresses, brightly coloured leggings, printed shirts from the 70s, you name it.

Fashion to me is an extension of yourself, something you can use to express who you are on inside, regardless of what others expect of you. So be bold with what you wear, take risks, consider the impact your purchases have on the world we live in and above all... care less about what people think.


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