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Getting Fit in Style

I was approached recently by consignment store, the Clothing Bar Boutique in Calgary about modeling workout gear and I was immediately excited about the opportunity.

2016 has been for me a year of health. I've committed myself to spending more time taking care of myself - this has included monthly acupuncture sessions with Evolve Acupuncture, daily meditations, exercising 4-5 times a week (even if it means just a short 10-minute run), spending my time walking outdoors and exploring the beautiful city I live in (or the nearby rocky mountains), and I have also taken the time and effort to refine my nutritional choices after working with Holistic Nutritionist Denby Royal. Her work has included a meal plan, increasing my daily water intake, eating more protein and vitamin-packed foods, avoiding unhealthy sugars, increasing my intake of raw healthy greens, and balancing the electrolytes in my body. The combination of the above has resulted in some pretty great changes for me: loss of 10 pounds and increase overall in muscle mass, the ability to sleep through the night restfully, reduced pms symptoms, increased energy, thicker fuller hair (including longer eyelashes), no pain in my joints, increased flexibility, healthier skin, and an overall more positive mental health and well-being.

Given that 2016 has been my year of health, I hope that this photo will motivate you to also do the same - with whatever healthy lifestyle choices personally suit you. I am so pleased to showcase the photo as a testament to the health choices I have made this year. Be sure to check out this great store as well if you are looking for some inspiration to get fit and do so in style!

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