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Ripping the seams of eco fashion myths

As part of the work I am undertaking with REAP Calgary and the upcoming Sustainable Style YYC event, we played a prank for April fools day today. We announced a new 2-year partnership with Cafe Blanca that would deliver “farm-to-closet” eco fashion made from burlap sacks.

We are excited to now announce that beautiful stylish clothes will be showcased at Sustainable Style YYC as depicted here. Sustainable fashion doesn't have to be hemp smocks, burlap sacks, and other ugly, shapeless clothing that is more sustainable than stylish.

Learn about the myths of sustainable style and our prank here.

Be sure to join us April 12 for more of these gorgeous fashions! Purchase tickets here.

Photography: Ingrid Kue Make-up and hair: SwizzleSticks SalonSpa Clothing: The Clothing Bar Jewelry: Alora Boutique

Models: Denby Royal & Jennifer Allyson

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