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Eco Fashion in August: Jackets

Eco Fashion Feature for Diamonds & Daisy Chaines | London, UK.

This August I would like to feature accessories that can be found in vintage or second hand stores. One of my favourite past-times is to peruse clothing racks for the timeless jackets available in vintage and second hand stores. There are often endless options available – beautiful blazers, long trenches, or dressy coats.

In this article I’ve picked out two from my closet, the first is a floral print blazer purchased at a pop up vintage shop alongside Gertrude Street in Melbourne. The floral blazer can be paired with a long black pencil skirt for work occasions or combined with a more casual look worn alongside skinny jeans.

The next is a fur coat that was purchased at a farmers market in Canada. Although the topic of fur can be controversial, my own personal decision has been to purchase second hand or vintage furs rather than support the fast fashion trends of newly made furs. In this outfit pairing, I’ve chosen to pair the fur coat alongside brightly coloured red pants and black wedges for a fun afternoon out with friends.

About Jennifer

Jennifer Allyson is a vintage fashion lover, artist, and cause marketer. Melbourne-based, but originally from Calgary, Canada (near the Rocky mountains), she is passionate about social issues and causes. Jennifer holds her doctorate in social issues marketing and wears many hats in her career endeavors – whether it is as a cause marketer, writer, photographer, or artist. Her ultimate goal is to encourage women of all ages and sizes to express their inner beauty through fashion and to be fearless when doing so. Jennifer feels that by blending together ones personal fashion sense with timeless pieces from Op-Shops or second hand stores, fashion can be both empowering and can help to facilitate a more sustainable way of living.


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